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Although bows have a longer range, fireguns have more powerfful damage to make up for the limitation in range.

Recommended StatsEdit

  • Accuracy: increases hit rate and range attack power.
  • Agility: increases dogde and Attack speed.

Recommended SkillsEdit

  • Cripple: Decreases movement speed and dodge rate of the enemy Lv10
  • Enfeeble: Decrease attack and prevent enemy from using skill (Level 1 consume 26 SP. Each level need 1 more SP) Lv10
  • Headshot: Ignore targets defense and deal maximum damage (Level 1 consume 32 SP. Each level need 2 more SP) Lv10
  • Magma Bullet: Burn the ground damaging enemies in an area continuously (Level 1 consume 17 SP. Each level need 2 more SP) Lv1
  • Firegun Mastery: Increase attack when using firegun Lv10

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