Sealed Blueprint



Double-click the Blueprint to obtain a blueprint for either Cooking, Manufacturing or Crafting.

Trade valueEdit

  • Seen on market for: 50k 55k(x2) 60k(x3) 65k(x3) 68k 70k(x2) 75k(x2) 80k(x3) 85k 95k(x2) 100k(x3) 110k 112k

What drops itEdit

Land BeastsEdit

(from low-high level)

Sea BeastsEdit

(from low-high level)


70% opens up Level 4 blueprints. 25% opens up Level 5 blueprints. 5% opens up Level 6 blueprints

A list of all available Blueprints can be found here.
A list of Cooking blueprints can be found here.
A list of Crafting blueprints can be found here.
A list of Manufacturing blueprints can be found here.

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