Their art originated from Ascaron. The herbalists excel at all kinds of cures and use their gift to empower and aid others.

Recommended StatsEdit

  • Spirit: increases magical damage and max SP value. If planning to be Cleric add Spirit
  • Constitution: Increseases def and max HP. If planning to be Seal Master add constitution.

Recommended SkillsEdit

  • Heal: Restore target's HP Lv3
  • Spiritual Bolt: Attack enemy with spiritual energy. Lv10
  • Vigor: Increase max SP of character. Lv8


  • Harden: Increase defense of character (Level 1 consume 44 SP. Each level need 4 more SP) Lv3
  • Recover: Bring a target out of abnormal status (Fix consumption of 25 SP) Lv4
  • Revival: Revive dead character (Fix consumption of 100 SP) Lv1

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