Classes are a type of profession in Tales Of Pirates.
Class Skills are skills that are specific for each class. More information about these can be found here.

Some classes are playable by you while others are not.

NPCs for example have classes, such as teleporters or traders, while players may play as explorer or sharpshooter and many others.

Class ProgressionEdit

The players character (Lance, Carsise, Phyllis and Ami) have fixed classes to choose from and fixed class progression.

Lance Arrow rightup Swordsman Arrow right Crusader
Arrow right Hunter Arrow right Sharpshooter
Arrowdownright Explorer Arrow right Voyager

Carsise Arrow right Swordsman Arrow right Champion

Phyllis Arrow rightup Hunter Arrow right Sharpshooter
Arrow right Herbalist Arrow right Cleric
Seal Master
Arrow right Explorer Arrow right Voyager
Arrowdownright Swordsman Arrow right Crusader

Ami Arrow rightup Herbalist Arrow right Cleric
Seal Master
Arrowdownright Explorer Arrow right Voyager

For a list of all humanoids see our list of humanoids.

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